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D E S I G N W I T H G R A C E L T D.

Born and raised on the beautiful island of Cebu, Philippines, I remember early on being surrounded by beautiful furniture, fabrics and my mom's antique chinese vases. My dad started a furniture manufacturing business in the early 1970s and I used to spend my afternoons after school watching the finishers sand, stain, and lacquer mahogany tables and chairs.

I learned at an early age what goes into a fine piece of upholstery and what the phrase "You get what you pay for" meant. Dad then expanded into garments manufacturing which further fueled my creativity, attention to detail, and love of fabrics. By the time I graduated from high school I knew I wanted to be a clothing designer or create beautiful interiors.

Two boys and a full-time do I find time to go fishing? Because I am as passionate about fly-fishing as I am about realizing my clients' visions and dreams. I believe that interior design, just like the art of fly-fishing, is a continuous refinement of skill and talent.

Living in the Roaring Fork Valley the last 20 years has given me many opportunities to work on projects both large and small, primary residences or investment properties, and to create unique environments for each client. I have gained long time friends in the process and am always grateful for the confidence reflected in the referrals from clients past and present.

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